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ECOZEN Việt Nam được thành lập vào năm 2007 để mở rộng hoạt động kinh doanh của công ty mẹ là ECOTHERM Sdn Bhd Malaysia đến thị trường Việt Nam. ECOZEN lĩnh hội trên 20 năm kinh nghiệm kỹ thuật của ECOTHERM để phát huy và mang lại lợi ích cho các ngành công nghiệp chế biến của Việt Nam...Xem thêm

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Dịch Vụ

Ecozen Vietnam is committed to delivering ‘Values’ to its Customers. Manufacturing and process productivity and efficiency are the key to operation profitability – the ultimate ‘Value’ to business endeavor.
The seamless “Services & Solutions” package provided by Ecozen Vietnam will help to minimize total costs and maximize profitability and ‘Values’ for its customers.
Upfront & Downstream ‘Services & Solutions’ by Ecozen Vietnam:
     1.    Quotation & Enquiry Response within 24 hours.
     2.    Prompt Delivery of Products.
     3.    Fast & Reliable Technical Support
            i.)      Correct Product Selection & Application
            ii.)     Proper Installation, Testing & Commissioning
            iii.)   Operation Problem Trouble Shooting
            iv.)   Repair & Maintenance Needs
     4.    Process & Product Support Services
            i.)     Free Seminars on Efficient Energy & Steam Utilization,
                    Energy Management, Fuel Cost Savings
            ii.)    Free Consultancy Services to help Save Energy and Fuel Costs
            iii.)   Free Design Services for existing and new Steam System Projects
            iv.)   Free Inspection and Testing Services for Leaking Traps and Valves
            v.)     Free Plant Surveys for Steam Plant Energy Conservation
     5.    Process & System’s Productivity & Efficiency Support Services

i.) Free Seminars, Consultancy and Design Services for Process and System’s Productivity & Efficiency management, audit and improvements.

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